Get Out of Town for a day or a month and experience the Black Diamond Experience by utilizing Out of Town Transportation.

Out Of Town Transportation: Do you need to get out of town?  Here at Black Diamond Limousine we provide services well beyond the city limits.  State lines are not a factor for our Cars, SUV’s, Limousines, Sprinter Buses, Coaches and Buses. We enjoy accommodating clients all across the country. If you need to get to Charlotte we will come to you.

If you need to get to any other state outside of Charlotte North Carolina, we will take you there.

What if I have appointments in different cities on different days?

Trust in our well trained and experienced driver to get you to your destination safely. If your stuck in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and need to get home give us a call. We provide services on a weekly  bases to Columbia, SC, Greenville, SC, Greensboro, NC, Winston-Salem, NC,  Raleigh, NC, Augusta, GA and Virginia . If you need to get anywhere Black Diamond Limousine will take you there.

What if I need the same vehicle and driver for a week or longer?

Frequently executives, business owners, lawyers, celebrities and others prefer the convenience and safety of the Black Diamond Experience.  We frequently assign a car and driver for days or weeks at a time to transport specific people during their visit or trip.

If you are touring the south east USA and want the convenience of someone who lives here and drives for a living to transport you to appointments and destinations every day; just ask.  We do that and do it well.

You can choose your vehicle:

If you would prefer a full size coach or bus, we will bring one or more buses or coaches.

Using the Limousine to Travel Between Cities

We have plenty of vehicles because frequently people want the same car for more than one day.

If you prefer the same car and driver every day; just ask.  If you are using the car to go out of town or overnight, then of course you should have the same car and driver for the whole trip.

Call to request a quote or ask questions!